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    The Heritage Bucket Bag


    The long-awaited Heritage Bucket Bag is here. Created with passion and with specialized care for each detail, this bag embodies the spirit of the Mărginimea Sibiului and its archaic aesthetic, with a modern twist.

    Please ensure your bag (within stock) by pre-ordering it here.

    The bags will be shipped starting with the first weeks of August.

    We will keep you posted with the shipping day.

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    The embroidery elements are inspired by an authentic Romanian Blouse in Ioana Corduneanu‘s private collection, creator and Romanian Blouse ambassador through the Semne Cusute blog.

    The embroidery design of the bag you’ll receive may vary; either way, it will be inspired by an authentic Romanian Blouse from Sibiu.


    • 100% vegan- tanned leather, handcrafted in Sibiu
    • 100% jute basket, handcrafted in Sibiu
    • 100% cotton, embroidered sack, the cotton itself produced in Transylvania (Ighiu, Alba county)
    Alice conceived the original design of this bag in January 2024. The final bag was unveiled on the Summer Solstice after a laborious product development process. Drawing inspiration from the Sibiu Romanian Blouse, this bag is meticulously crafted from scratch with the skilled contribution of local craftsmen from Sibiu and Cisnădie, situated in the exact area that inspired the item. The items themselves, except for the vegan-tanned, high-quality leather and hardware, are locally resourced.
    Carrying this bag signifies the embodiment of tradition and heritage, serving as a narrative to be shared wherever one journeys. It stands as a proud emblem of the Romanian identity and roots. The Heritage Bag transcends the boundaries of a mere accessory; it substantiates that our Romanian heritage is abundant, influential, and the perfect inspiration for contemporary, high-quality wearables.


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