Blessed Being | Wife & Mother of 2 Amazing Souls | Painter & Designer

I’ve long decided to simply go with my heart and inspiration when creating my artwork (or maybe artfun?); I’m a non-self-judgemental artist, coming simply from my heart and love for the themes I paint.
I love to work with metallic acrylics – they bring the painting to life when changing the lighting and perspective. A sort of chameleonic feature to the art, reminding the viewer that what you see isn’t what actually IS. A principle that can be applied to any object of any kind in our reality.”


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Alice is, before anything, an artist. After working many years as a illustrator & graphic designer exclusively, she has come back to her initial passion- painting is the primary language through which she translates her soul.

You can either shop the available art from here, or, if you feel inspired or want something special, Alice is open for commissions- just drop her a line here.


All jewelry is handmade, using high quality materials, such as stainless steel (you there, with sensitive ears, we've got you covered!), Swarovski crystals and cultured pearls.

The earrings are lightweight and sturdy, just as they are fabulous looking.

Go indulge yourself.


Alice is open for commisssions- this means that you can contact her to book your special project. 

If you need anything, from painting, to graphic design and illustration, you found the person for your job. 

Get in touch here.

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Our company Totellini Totes has worked with Alice for over 5 years. Alice is “Best in Class” when it comes to brand image and its relevance in the marketplace. Her brilliant artwork, taste level, and creativity have helped our brand grow and become an exciting new player in the tote bag market. Alice is organic in her approach, meets or exceeds every deadline, is thoughtful in her approach, and a delight to work with. As our brand grows and expands we embrace more of her ideas and creative input. What’s most interesting is how multi-faceted her talents are. She embraces all mediums in today’s modern art world and uses these talents to create a beautiful, thoughtful picture of your brand. We cherish the day we found Alice. A glowing 10 is not adequate for this gem of a designer/ brand developer.

Cheryl Noble Owner at Totellini Deluxe Tote Bags

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