The Moon BJD Embroidered Dress


This luxurious set of doll clothing was custom made for the Moon Doll.

Hand embroidered on a mix of cotton and silk, all around – front and back with Romanian traditional motifs of fertility (rhombus), a symbol of The Moon femininity.

The dress contains dozen of sand beads and a Sterling Silver chain.

Only 3 available.


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A set of deluxe BJD clothing, inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse, the “ia”. It’s more than a blouse- women used to weave and embroider their own shirts with symbols relevant to their heritage and status (marital status, important ancestors for their community, intentions, likings & beliefs, etc.).

Tailored for the Alice BJD, but can fit a large array of dolls. Measurements are as follows:

A (length of the Alice doll arm) = 12,3 cm

B (bust girth) = 16,5 cm

C (waist girth) = 9 cm

D (hips girth) = 17 cm

E (height of doll) = 39 cm (including elongated toes)


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