The Bendis BJD Embroidered Costume


This luxurious set of doll clothing was custom made for the Bendis Doll.

The set contains the “ia” (Romanian blouse), the skirt, and the “fota” (decorative skirt).

Hand embroidered on linen, all around – front and back. There’s an actual spiral designed all around the sleeves, created with great care. The sleeves are intended to be visibly longer than the doll’s arm.

The set is created using dozens of Swarovski crystals and Czech sand beads.

Only 3 available.


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A set of deluxe BJD clothing, inspired by the traditional Romanian blouse, the “ia”. It’s more than a blouse- women used to weave and embroider their own shirts with symbols relevant to their heritage and status (marital status, important ancestors for their community, intentions, likings & beliefs, etc.). This particular “ia” is found in the Vrancea county, with its particular long sleeves, with spirals swirling around them. Read the full story here.

Tailored for the Alice BJD, but can fit a large aray of dolls. Measurements are as follows:

A (length of the Alice doll arm) = 12,3 cm

B (bust girth) = 16,5 cm

C (waist girth) = 9 cm

D (hips girth) = 17 cm

E (height of doll) = 39 cm (including elongated toes)


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