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The Beautiful People

A series of portraits of children who live in very poor areas of my country. There’s an alarming situation in Romania, showing the grave lack of monetary means & education in far too many people’s lives: imagine that almost a quarter of our country’s population is more or less poor and struggling to cover their every-day expenses. Many of them are at the lowest point of poverty – and education is the mirror of this percentage. Few of the children from extremely poor communities have access to schools. And over 2000 Romanian schools in the countryside still have latrines and no running water (!).


I offered the portraits to the children depicted hoping that they will also see how beautiful and strong they are – inside and out. An initiative to raise their self-awareness and confidence. All change starts from within.

A4, watercolors & gouaches on watercolor paper


Here are some of the many amazing people giving their all to the less fortunate:

Dragoste desculta

Mrs. Paula Oltianu

If you feel like giving, don’t hesitate to contact them.


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