Alexandra Camelia Stanciu

Blessed Being | Wife & Mother of 2 Amazing Souls | Painter & Designer

Column of the World, column, sky, world, creation, universe, cosmos, beginning, heavens, tree of life, tree, ezoteric, mystical, alchemical, alice, allistration, painting, fine art, art, illustration, sun, close up, detail

I’ve long decided to simply go with my heart and inspiration when creating my artwork (or maybe artfun?); I’m a non-self-judgemental artist, coming simply from my heart and love for the themes I paint.
I love to work with metallic acrylics – they bring the painting to life when changing the lighting and perspective. A sort of chameleonic feature to the art, reminding the viewer that what you see isn’t what actually IS. A principle that can be applied to any object of any kind in our reality.

Inspired? I’m available for freelance work.
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